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Friday, April 22, 2005

Misleading Job Advertisements in Roanoke

Misleading Job Advertisements in the Roaonke Valley
This webpage is designed to reveal shady hiring practices used in the Roanoke Valley. This webpage is not affiliated with any mentioned companies or parties including Health-Mor or Roanoke Valley Distribution and Development.

Roanoke Valley Distribution and Development (RVDD)
Off Peters Creek Road, in Roanoke VA
This company runs ads in the Roanoke Times and possibly other papers claiming that it has a variety of positions available. It usually lists pay as "up to 14.75 per hour or "OPPORTUNITY TO EARNup to $1200.00+++ per weekCall 540-366-2754."

The job involves selling vacuums and air purifiers. The air purifier is called the Defender and the vacuum is called the Majestic. These products are manufactured by Health-Mor. They normally lie and tell you that you are not involved in sales at all. Instead they label you as an "Indoor Air Quality Specialist." They usually don't mention the vacuum part of the job until the second day of Training.

The air purifier and vacuum cost about $ 3000.00 .

The first 3 days of training is unpaid.

They tell you that you are provided with leads made through their marketing department. However, you must provide the first 10 qualified leads. This counts as part of your training and it is required before you are given leads from the marketing department. There are heavy restrictions on who you can demonstrate the product to during this period. They must be homeowners, etc. You are required to call the manager before you present and afterwards. This serves to validate the attempt.

You are not paid for transportation costs.

You are paid under a W-9. Essentially you are your own business. You are not intitled to certain benefits and protections. You will also have to pay your own taxes.

Summary: The idea is to have people show the product to their friends and family in the hopes that a few family members, feeling sorry to see Jane selling vacuums.